The Long And Winding Road**

  • First, are there effective formal mechanisms to bring other departments on board? New Labour tried legally-binding commitments; these were insufficient.
  • Second, does Gove have the raw political power to force cross-department working? In practice you want a strong Prime Minister, Chancellor and Secretary of State aligned on this, with the PM driving it. That is clearly not the case right now, as an insider tells Esther Webber:
  • The UK is spending orders of magnitude less than the benchmark example: Germany post-unification.
  • The UK’s chosen Brexit has meant the loss of EU funding, and the Shared Prosperity Fund does not fully plug the gaps.
  • Since 2010, austerity has stripped a lot of money from local government, and this has been deliberately targeted on the most deprived areas.



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Max Nathan

Max Nathan


UCL & CEP. Co-founder @centreforcities and @whatworksgrowth. Urbanism, economics, innovation, migration and public policy. My views. I’m at