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  • Lyman Stone

    Lyman Stone

    Global cotton economist. Migration blogger. Proud Kentuckian. Advisor at Demographic Intelligence. Senior Contributor at The Federalist.

  • Melda Salhab

    Melda Salhab

    Spatial Data Scientist | Economist

  • Greg Burzynski

    Greg Burzynski

    Dr. Gregory Burzynski Founder of Houston Concierge Medicine @HCMWC. Board Certified in Internal #Medicine. Licensed US Civil Surgeon.

  • Paul Nightingale

    Paul Nightingale

    Deputy Director Science Policy Research Unit (@Sussex) @SPRU, @ResearchPolicy, @ICC Helping journos & SCs with @ESRC funded soc-science

  • Casey Lembke

    Casey Lembke

    I, too, prefer the mud.

  • Jessica Stacey

    Jessica Stacey

    Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures, an accelerator for tech startups tackling tough social and environmental challenges

  • Richard Florida

    Richard Florida

    Director ofCities, University of Toronto, @MartinProsperiT, Distinguished Fellow, NYU Schack, Founder, @MIAUrbanFuture, Founder & Editor at Large @CityLab.

  • Adam Swash

    Adam Swash

    Strategy, Venturing, Research.

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